Ford Credit is a worldwide leader in automotive financing and we offer a variety of Ford Credit's lending services. With Regal Motors in Rosetown, you have financing options to ensure you're getting the best rate on your vehicle purchase. Whether you're looking for a truck, SUV, or a slick new car, you can be sure that Regal will treat you right. If you're interested in estimating your payments, check out our Payment Calculator. Our Finance staff can work with your budget to offer payment plans tailored to suit your lifestyle and vehicle needs.
Ford F-150 in Rosetown

Financing a New or Used Vehicle

Financing Benefits:

  • Competitive rates

  • Zero down

  • Long-term financing

  • Add accessories as you choose

  • All-inclusive coverage

  • New or pre-owned vehicles

At Regal Motors, we offer some of the best rates to help you drive a high-quality, affordable vehicle off our lot. We offer interest rates as good - or better - than any bank. When you finance a vehicle with Regal, we factor in extras like accessories and extended warranty, which may not be included at the bank. Everything you need is included in the payment so you're not surprised by extra costs down the road.

In many cases, you don't even need a down payment to secure your car or truck loan. With vehicles built to last longer, long-term financing options are available and you benefit from lower payments.

If you're financing and you'd like to pay before the end of your term, you can pay more or pay it off completely without penalty. At Regal Motors, we will not demand a personal guarantee for the loan, your vehicle is all the security you'll need.

We're dedicated to making sure you get the vehicle you need and keeping it within your budget. When you finance with us, you're getting an incredible vehicle and payments on budget. You can choose from our extensive inventory of new or used vehicles.
Ford Escape at Regal Motors

Leasing a New Ford

Leasing Benefits:

  • Kilometre allowance

  • Options at the end of your term

  • Lower payments, shorter terms

  • Customize with approved accessories

  • New vehicle every year or two

  • Guaranteed auto protection in the case of a total loss

  • Advance payment program

Leasing a new Ford has some amazing benefits; lower payments, shorter terms, and you can upgrade to the latest model more often (and for less) than when you finance. With those shorter terms, you can be sure your vehicle is always within its manufacturer warranty.

Leasing is only available for brand new Fords, so if you're eyeing up that new Ford, leasing may be an option for you! Ford leasing options provide varying kilometre allowances that can be adjusted to suit your driving habits and needs. If you fall in love with your leased vehicle, you can keep it and arrange to purchase it at the end of your lease. Or you can return the vehicle and lease a different one. It's completely up to you!

Leasing is an excellent option for drivers who love to keep up with the latest technology; every few years, you can upgrade to the latest model without worrying about paying off your financing loan. If you're interested in always having the latest model, leasing may be the best option for you!

Contact us today to discuss your finance and leasing options with Regal Motors.